Obey Gantt is a Jacky Winter joint.

This is basically a dumb joke that we need to fully credit one John A. McLennan for coining in our earliest days in a shared office space. Nearly eleven years later, it still gives us a chuckle, so we made it into a sticker designed by the one and only Diego Patino (with obvious apologies to Shepard Fairey).

If you’re someone who also finds this funny, you’re probably also a project manager of some sort and deserve whatever humour or kindness you can find in your life, so to that end, we’ve printed 1000 of these stickers and will post them out for free to the first 1000 people who ask. It’s pretty much just a blatant marketing ploy for The Jacky Winter Group, an illustration and animation agency, and our sister company Corvid, which offers on-demand creative project management and production.

So yeah, click here if you want a sticker and we’ll send you one. If you like this thing, please share or let us know @jackywinter on instagram or twitter.

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